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Magic The magazine for magicians October 2005
John Bundy Undead and Unstoppable 6 page cover story
" What makes these shows stand out from others is that they are character driven theatrical productions. With make up. wigs, costumes and dialects, John becomes someone completely different in each show. He is such a strong character actor that if you caught this
"Lon Chaney of Magic" off stage, you probably wouldn't recognize him." .
Magic Manuscript November/ December 1988
John Bundy Magic in the malls and more 9 page cover story
"One of Bundy's strongest assets as a performer is his superb ability as a character actor. Anyone who was lucky enough to see John perform as Gepetto, will attest to that."
Laugh-Makers The magazine for family entertainers October 1985
John Bundy A World of Mall Magic 4 page cover story
"Bundy is a talented performing artist and theatrical designer...his attention to details pays off. Halloween is taylor made for Bundy.".
"John Bundy and Morgan's Spooktacular, which played for more than an hour, pulled off the all too-rare feat of appealing equally to adults and children.
Dave Howell, The Morning Call Nightlife Review.
I met John twenty years ago when Worlds of Fun contracted him to provide a family friendly Halloween themed magic show in the Tivoli Music Hall. For the next nineteen years thousands of guests were entertained annually with world class productions that featured John and his company in a delightful blend of magic, drama, and humor.
I have no doubt you be exceptionally pleased with the quality of his productions if you choose to become one of his clients.
Dawna Welborn
Live Entertainment and Costumes Manager
Worlds of Fun Kansas City, MO
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